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Stainless Steel


Internal lubrication of processing equipment for easier processing of polymers.

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Using the Most Incompatible

Fluoropolymers, that are incompatible with most polymers, coat the metallic surface of the equipment, allowing polymer to easily flow through with better dispersion without ramping up the heat, which is prone to degradation, or slowing down production, which means extra cost.


Faster color change

A lubricated die surface ensures that there is no site for color to build up inside and can be easily flushed out. That means a 60+ minute color change is now a 30-minute change.

Eliminate melt fracture

PPA helps to reduce the friction between polymer and metal die wall so that it there is no uneven shrinkage of the outer layer and the inner core of the polymer flow.

Reduce die build-up

The addition of PPA reduces die build-up, improves gauge uniformity, reduce pressure (increase throughput), and reduce gel formation.

Better ease.
A solution for manufacturing.

Wide scope of applications

Blown film, cast film, extrusion, continuous extrusion, blow molding, fiber extrusion, pipe and tubing extrusion, wire and cable.

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