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No. 1 domestic supplier for premium sector filler masterbatch.
Made from the highest quality calcium carbonate powder, extracted directly from northern Vietnam.




Mean particle d 50% as small as 1.9 µm.

At this size, your calcium carbonate masterbatch is capable of being incorporated for any polymer blend for any applications. The final result will always a flawless surface, no matter how thin. 

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Up to 50%

let down ratio

Our customer can incorporate up 50% of THC calcium carbonate masterbatch in their product, resulting in even more effective cost-reduction. Of course, homogenizing a large amount of micron size powder is no easy task, but we got the experience and equipment to make that possible.

The only manufacturer from Vietnam that can do this.

Compare to only 30% let down ratio possible from other competitors, customers now have more control over the production cost.

Strong white and great opacity.

Baby Playing with Building Blocks

Food-contact Safe

All of our premium grade filler masterbatch are food-contact safe according to FDA guidelines.

Like other mineral fillers,

calcium carbonate masterbatch

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Enhances rigidity

The addition of calcium carbonate gives a denser structure and contribute the the entire polymer system's stiffness due to its natural hardness as a mineral. Furthermore, because it is so small, the CaCO3 itself also functions as a nucleating agent that increases the crystallinity of the polymer matrix and hence, improving the overall stiffness and scratch resistance property.

Reduce cost

Calcium carbonate is about ten times cheaper than plastic so more filler content equates to more competitive cost.
With the incorporation of calcium carbonate masterbatch, some calcium carbonate will distribute at the surface layer of the plastic article to add roughness on a microscopic level, the finer the particle, the more expensive the roughness feel.

SEM Micrograph 1000x magnification

PP unfilled surface

Unfilled PP

PP 30% CaCO3 filled

30% CaCO3 filled PP

melt blown 1.png

Reduces cycle time

Plastic by itself is an insulator so by adding a mineral filler like calcium carbonate, the entire melt suddenly got enhanced thermal conductivity that allow it to heat up faster and cool down quicker which as a result reduce cycle time. This effect is even magnified by our micron-size filler that fills in the gaps between polymer particles better.  

There's a filler masterbatch for any applications.

Everything from masks, diapers, and high-speed thin gauge film, to toys and food containers. Anything from spun-bond, melt-blown to injection molding, extrusion, and blow molding. 
We got the right filler masterbatch to help you optimize cost.

White Structure

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Tan Hung Co Masterbatch and Compound

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