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For a faster flow of polypropylene (PP) at a lower temperature.


Water-like plastic

Some applications such as spunbond, melt blown, or thin-walled injection molding require melt flow rate (MFR) in the hundreds. Melt flow modifier masterbatch is a straight-forward low-dosage solution that manufacturers can rely on to modify their plastic.


Endless modification

The final melt flow rate of your polypropylene is directly dependent on the dosage of masterbatch so any melt flow rate (MFR) is attainable with trials.

Reduce energy consumption

By increasing the melt flow rate (MFR) of PP, customers can achieve the original flow rate at a lower temperature.

Food-contact safe

We exclusively offer food-contact safe melt flow modifier masterbatch. It does not affect color, has low odor, and food-contact safe.

Liquid flow.
As liquid as needed to be.

Designed for polypropylene (PP)

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