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Colorful Hot Air Balloons


Pursuing excellence through everyday innovation and partnership with customers

We actively search for and listen to our customers' problems to make meaningful innovations.

Tan Hung Co is not one of the leading, but we are the leader of masterbatch and compound manufacturing in Vietnam.

Our business comprises of 5 main product groups: compound, white masterbatch, color masterbatch, additive masterbatch, and filler masterbatch. Four of which we are anchoring at number one, in terms of market presence.

We are the largest color masterbatch manufacturer in Vietnam, with over 800 active customers and more than 40% market presence. We are also the biggest domestic compound manufacturer and the leader of the premium sector white masterbatch and filler masterbatch, competing directly with Ampacet and Avient (formerly Polyone and Clariant), where customers are more performance-oriented, as opposed to price-oriented.

Our annual output is 60,000 
MT/ year


Since our founding, we have been an active part of Vietnam's spontaneous plastic industry for the past more than 20 years.


THC old logo

Tan Hung Co was first founded, specializing in color masterbatch production. The picture above is our first logo, featuring our initials anchoring on top of a simplified color pallete.



Installed a high-torque, high-shear production line from the USA, with automatic dosing and feeding to step into into the white masterbatch manufacturing sector.



The first masterbatch company in Vietnam to expand serve masterbatch PP non-woven application.



Established our R&D division and built a three-story lab and pilot production line for researching and test-production.


Screen Shot 2019-06-12 at 10.53.03 PM.png

A new office building was built and we officially moved, which is also now our current office.



Began a new chapter of our growth story. We ventured into the world of polymer compound, aiming to provide our customers independency from import materials.


extruder strands 1.jpg

Moved our production site separated from our main office to our first plant. This production lot is 14,000 sq. meters in area.


Container Ship

Our first year of officially expanding our service to serve oversea customers.

Blue Skies and Yellow Fields

Let's see what we are making at Tan Hung Co

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