THC additive masterbatch help you achieve the desired properties.

  • Enhances mechanical properties (UV resistance, aging resistance, heat resistance,...)

  • Improves aesthetic (preserves color during processing, delivers a beautiful surface and uniform color)

  • Assists with processability (prevents melt fracture, die buildup)

  • Provide additional 

  • Increase production speed which saves cost and increase competitiveness



Plastics are generally sensitive to degradation by UV light. The extent and rate of degradation is often influence by climate conditions, thickness of the part, polymer type, and the presence of other additives. Our UV masterbatches is made to extend the lifespan and durability of plastics for different applications including 

  • Automotive industry

  • Cables 

  • Medical supplies 

  • Food packaging

  • Electrical and electronic components

  • Aquaculture (fishing nets, PP ropes) 

  • Agriculture films (mulch films, green house, strech films, silos, and more...)