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10 Function Groups

UV Stabilizer

Slow down the rate of degradation of polymer due to direct exposure to UV rays.

Image by Alexey Lin

Fire Retardant

Inhibit, delay, and stop the spread of flame on plastic articles during a fire.

FR 1_edited.jpg


Reduce and dissipate electrostatic charges on plastic articles' surface.


Anti-Blocking / Slip

Enable film surfaces to glide across each other or over processing equipment's surfaces smoothly. 

slip 1.jpg


Protect polymers from degradation due to excessive heat during production and yellowing due to aging.

aged plastic.jpg


Inhibit the formation of water droplet on packaging film's surface to reveal the vibrant product within.

antifog 1.webp

Polymer Processing Aid

Eliminate problems such as die build-up, excess shrinkage, and uneven surface on the final product.

ppa 3_edited.jpg
Melt Flow Enhancer

Modify the rheology of polypropylene to make it flow faster and better.

Image by Solen Feyissa
Nucleating agent

Induce nucleation within PP and PE which enhances the mechanical properties and/or clarity.


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