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More than 20 years moving together with the plastic industry

Industries we serve



Building and construction

Home, sport, and equipment

Fiber and textile

Electrical and electronics


More Than Just Another Product Manufacturer

We provide expertise as a service


Listen to what you need. Enable what you cannot.

Besides our broad range of standard grades masterbatch, we develop custom masterbatch that are unique to each customer's exact requirement. We can start from a description of your needs, from a site-visit, or from a sample given to us by you. Our technicians and engineers, with their experience and background in polymer and chemistry, can develop a solution that suit your specific production process.

Research and Development (R&D)

Leverage the years of experience. Now serving you in its entirety.

Our team is made up of well-experienced technicians and masters of research in polymer and chemical engineering that work with the most advanced machinery and analytical instruments used in the field. In addition to that is our vast knowledge accumulated for more than 20 years, from more than 800 customers, coming from every field of applications, representing almost 40% of Vietnam's plastic industry. All of which provide us with a head-start in every new project that we embark on.

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